CHU-HI Hour / (C) 2023 Co. Fliks

Welcome back to another Thursday Track. Nothing like winding down with a great track and a crisp beverage. I wanted to kick off the first one of February with the artist Sainté. I came across him last fall and it’s been nonstop since. The song is titled “Reference” (Single) by Sainté. I highly recommend giving him a listen and checking out his Boiler Room Performance too. It seemed only fitting to pair two of my recent favorites together. The beverage pictured above is called Chu-Hi, which is Japanese Shochu. My favorite brand is Yabai!. If you have any local Japanese markets in your area I definitely suggest heading over and copping some. You won’t be disappointed. So turn those speakers up and pour a nice beverage. Spice up your weeknight a little with something different. Salute!

BEVERAGE: Yabai! (Yuzu Lemon & Grape)

TRACK: “Reference” (Single) by Sainté

– Cole


Mojito Hour / (C) 2023 Co. Fliks

And just like that we’re back. Feels good to finally kick off the first Thursday Track of 2023. Got a wide selection of music coming to you all year long. I wanted to share a song that provides some good motivation to set the tone for the year. I selected “Mission Bay” by Larry June off the album Out The Trunk (2019). He’s probably one of my top 3 artist at the moment. If you already know about Larry June then you’re doing good. I highly recommend giving his albums a run through. You won’t be disappointed. Of course I had to pair this week’s track with an ice cold Mojito. (Listen to more Larry June and you’ll see why.) So kick back with a nice ice cold beverage and relax. Tomorrow is finally the weekend. Salute!

BEVERAGE: Mint Mojito

TRACK: “Mission Bay” by Larry June, Out The Trunk (2019)

– Cole


To kick off the New Year I wanted to start with a new series. The Quick Strike series is a collage of recent/random point and shoot shots. My way of utilizing images that get stock piled up. I will drop these periodically each month. All these shots are behind the scenes of Chef Pirk’s prepping his Holiday party. Stay Tuned for more content each week.

– Co.


SALUTE! / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Can’t believe this is the last Thursday Track of 2022. What a time it’s been. I wanted to close out this year on a funky dance track to compliment this photo. I was searching through my hard drive and this was one of the first iPhone shots I took at the start of 2022. The perfect beverage to celebrate the start and end of the year. The track I selected is titled “1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards’ Dub Mix)” by The Beloved. The beat on this one always gets me moving. Definitely a great one to have on in the background or to celebrate. So for this final Thursday of 2022 make it special. Turn up your speakers, move the furniture and pop a nice beverage. Call up your friends or have a little solo dance celebration. You deserve it. Thank you to everyone who gives these tracks a listen each week. Got some new music content coming next month. See you all next week. Salute and Happy New Year!

BEVERAGE OF THE WEEK: Chandon Brut Champagne

TRACK: “1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards’ Dub Mix) BY: The Beloved

– Co.

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Redondo Pier / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Winding down the end of the year focused. Treat right now like its 2023 already. Stay ahead of the curve. Much like this photo I suggest prioritizing yourself and casting that sucker into the the new year. This is the last blog post of 2022. Got more content and series in the works for 2023. Stay tuned for one more final Thursday Track going live tomorrow. Appreciate all the love.

– Co.


Tony’s on the Pier / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Finally we’re back for another Thursday Track. One more day then the sweet weekend is upon us. This shot was taken at one of my all-time favorite spots. Truly a classic. One that stands the test of time. The Fire Chief at Tony’s on the Pier is a special drink. Plus you get to keep each glass like little trophy’s of proof. Not for the lighthearted. You only need one or two. Since this is one of my favorites drinks it’s only fitting to pair it with a classic track. This week’s track is titled “The Blast” (ft. Vinia Mojica) by Reflection Eternal off the album Train of Thought. This track has been in constant rotation for as long as I can remember. Definitely a good one anytime of day. So go get yourself a special drink this evening and enjoy this track. It’s about to be the holiday weekend, treat yourself to a little something before the madness. Salute!

Thursday Beverage: Fire Chief

Track: “The Blast” by Reflections Eternal off the album Train of Thought

– Co.


Location Error / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

And we’re back to it! Pardon last week’s intermission. Been a busy end of the year as I get ready to kick off 2023. Got some exciting things in the works for everyone.

With the sun setting at 4pm you got to make the most of the sunlight these days. Been loving the weekend sessions as of late. Working on putting together more skate content. This was taken the other week while exploring some hidden haunts my buddies knew about. Crazy some of the places a piece of wood will take you. Missions like these bring back that feeling of being a kid again when you first started skating. For the sake of not blowing out this area I’m going to keep this location unknown. (Side note don’t ask me, I couldn’t tell you how to get here if you paid me.) If you know, you know.

– Co.


The Local / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Ah Thursday… Take a deep breath only one more day. This week’s Thursday Track is a classic for me. I chose the track “Reality Check ft. One Be Lo & Senim Silla” by Binary Star off the album Masters of the Universe. This one takes me back to my days living in SF. Nothing better than skating down to our neighborhood liquor store and grabbing a cold one on a Thursday evening. This track was always a go to as soon as I put my headphones in. Definitely brings the nostalgia every time I hear it. A nice reminder of the simpler times. So for this Thursday make sure to get out and support your local small businesses. Go cop some nice beverages and kick those feet up. Enjoy this week’s track. Salute!

Track: “Reality Check ft. One Be Lo & Senim Silla” by Binary Star (Masters of the Universe Album)

– Co.


Hermosa Beach / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Living so close to the coast is always such a trip. Winter always brings some interesting weather. I always heard the term for years “a blanket of fog is coming in.” Well this particular day a blanket was literally coming to cover the South Bay. I had never seen the fog sit so low. Love the contrast between the incoming fog and the clouds above. Cool to catch a natural transition like this.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Stay tuned for another Thursday Track Vol. 6 tomorrow and more content to follow. Subscribe for updates!

– Co.


Good Day / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

We are finally back for another Thursday Track. Pardon the absence last week due to the holiday. For this week’s track I wanted to share a jazzy tune I discovered recently. This song has been in constant rotation ever since. The track is titled “24/7” by Paul Brown off the album Up Front. Felt this was a perfect track to kick off the last month of 2022. Shot this image a while back before going to a local happy hour. The beverage featured in the shot is Soju. I got put onto Good Day Soju by my close friend Randy aka Rudeboy a couple years ago. I suggest you do the same. You can find it at any Korean market. Be a little adventurous this last month and try a new beverage. Step out your drinking comfort zone. You can thank me later. Anyways, we made it. It’s finally the last day before we can get back into the weekend. Set your mood lights, crack open a cold beverage and enjoy this week’s track. Salute!

Beverage: Good Day Soju (Blueberry)

Track Selection: “24/7” by Paul Brown

– Co.


Downtown Los Angeles 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

For years I have been fan of urban shots at night. Something about all the lights and the constant chaos has always interested me. Every now and again I will catch myself wandering off for a second in a city environment. I like capturing quick little quiet moments during the night. Nothing fancy. Just a quick pause to take in the surroundings. Kinda my way of being “present” in the moment. I took this image a couple months ago on a hot August night in DTLA. Cool to capture a moment of peace in such a populated area.

– Co.


Mike & Matt Waller St. 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

This picture is a straight mood for me this week. At the entrance to Golden Gate Park there is a skate spot to the left called Waller Street. This day was a special session for me because we had a rare crew together for this trip. Nothing better than those moments. I snagged this shot right before we continued the afternoon around the city. A quick power nap was needed for some of the guys. If you have ever spent time in Golden Gate before you know how peaceful it is. You really can’t beat the cool breeze and the sound of all the trees. I wish I could of spent the day there today. Especially after yesterday’s festivities.

– Co.