CHU-HI Hour / (C) 2023 Co. Fliks

Welcome back to another Thursday Track. Nothing like winding down with a great track and a crisp beverage. I wanted to kick off the first one of February with the artist Sainté. I came across him last fall and it’s been nonstop since. The song is titled “Reference” (Single) by Sainté. I highly recommend giving him a listen and checking out his Boiler Room Performance too. It seemed only fitting to pair two of my recent favorites together. The beverage pictured above is called Chu-Hi, which is Japanese Shochu. My favorite brand is Yabai!. If you have any local Japanese markets in your area I definitely suggest heading over and copping some. You won’t be disappointed. So turn those speakers up and pour a nice beverage. Spice up your weeknight a little with something different. Salute!

BEVERAGE: Yabai! (Yuzu Lemon & Grape)

TRACK: “Reference” (Single) by Sainté

– Cole

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