Mojito Hour / (C) 2023 Co. Fliks

And just like that we’re back. Feels good to finally kick off the first Thursday Track of 2023. Got a wide selection of music coming to you all year long. I wanted to share a song that provides some good motivation to set the tone for the year. I selected “Mission Bay” by Larry June off the album Out The Trunk (2019). He’s probably one of my top 3 artist at the moment. If you already know about Larry June then you’re doing good. I highly recommend giving his albums a run through. You won’t be disappointed. Of course I had to pair this week’s track with an ice cold Mojito. (Listen to more Larry June and you’ll see why.) So kick back with a nice ice cold beverage and relax. Tomorrow is finally the weekend. Salute!

BEVERAGE: Mint Mojito

TRACK: “Mission Bay” by Larry June, Out The Trunk (2019)

– Cole

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