SALUTE! / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Can’t believe this is the last Thursday Track of 2022. What a time it’s been. I wanted to close out this year on a funky dance track to compliment this photo. I was searching through my hard drive and this was one of the first iPhone shots I took at the start of 2022. The perfect beverage to celebrate the start and end of the year. The track I selected is titled “1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards’ Dub Mix)” by The Beloved. The beat on this one always gets me moving. Definitely a great one to have on in the background or to celebrate. So for this final Thursday of 2022 make it special. Turn up your speakers, move the furniture and pop a nice beverage. Call up your friends or have a little solo dance celebration. You deserve it. Thank you to everyone who gives these tracks a listen each week. Got some new music content coming next month. See you all next week. Salute and Happy New Year!

BEVERAGE OF THE WEEK: Chandon Brut Champagne

TRACK: “1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards’ Dub Mix) BY: The Beloved

– Co.

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