Tony’s on the Pier / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Finally we’re back for another Thursday Track. One more day then the sweet weekend is upon us. This shot was taken at one of my all-time favorite spots. Truly a classic. One that stands the test of time. The Fire Chief at Tony’s on the Pier is a special drink. Plus you get to keep each glass like little trophy’s of proof. Not for the lighthearted. You only need one or two. Since this is one of my favorites drinks it’s only fitting to pair it with a classic track. This week’s track is titled “The Blast” (ft. Vinia Mojica) by Reflection Eternal off the album Train of Thought. This track has been in constant rotation for as long as I can remember. Definitely a good one anytime of day. So go get yourself a special drink this evening and enjoy this track. It’s about to be the holiday weekend, treat yourself to a little something before the madness. Salute!

Thursday Beverage: Fire Chief

Track: “The Blast” by Reflections Eternal off the album Train of Thought

– Co.

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