Good Day / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

We are finally back for another Thursday Track. Pardon the absence last week due to the holiday. For this week’s track I wanted to share a jazzy tune I discovered recently. This song has been in constant rotation ever since. The track is titled “24/7” by Paul Brown off the album Up Front. Felt this was a perfect track to kick off the last month of 2022. Shot this image a while back before going to a local happy hour. The beverage featured in the shot is Soju. I got put onto Good Day Soju by my close friend Randy aka Rudeboy a couple years ago. I suggest you do the same. You can find it at any Korean market. Be a little adventurous this last month and try a new beverage. Step out your drinking comfort zone. You can thank me later. Anyways, we made it. It’s finally the last day before we can get back into the weekend. Set your mood lights, crack open a cold beverage and enjoy this week’s track. Salute!

Beverage: Good Day Soju (Blueberry)

Track Selection: “24/7” by Paul Brown

– Co.

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