Tiki Bar NYC / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Welcome back to another volume of Thursday Tracks. Doesn’t it feel damn good knowing tomorrow is finally the weekend? I’m sure many of you are already checked out for next weeks festivities. I wanted to share a funky dance track that always gets me into weekend mode. This week’s track is called “Comes and Goes (ft. Annakalmia Traver)” by Chico Mann. I mean if you aren’t dancing or moving some body part to this song kudos to you. I highly recommend checking Chico Mann out. Been a fan for awhile now. I took this photo in a random tiki bar in NYC a few years ago. Always fun when a bar has its own twist on drinks. So go grab yourself a nice little beverage and turn your speakers way up for this one. It’s the last night before the weekend. Treat yourself.

– Co.

Beverage: Pineapple Concoction & Red Stripe

Track: Comes and Goes ft Annakalmia Traver by Chico Mann

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