For the first series I wanted to share a style of editing I have been messing with. Recently I have been interested in the Droste effect. Aka a picture within a picture. For years I have always been into mixed media involving photography but never really dabbled with this effect. After experimenting with several different images in my hard drive, I was able to narrow down a few of my favorites. When the image does work, I really enjoy how some of the lines naturally blend together. Enjoy part 1 of the series.

NYC Subway 2018 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks
Dolores Park 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks
Esplanade 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

All images were shot and edited on my iPhone. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the series. Subscribe for updates!

– Co.

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