Eyes Up.

Santa Cruz 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

When was the last time you ever stopped and took some time to just look up? Like truly stop and just stare for a second. I have always been a fan of the different perspectives you get. Most of the time it’s the same old thing or building you pass by daily. When I was younger, I was always told you can pick out a tourist if you see someone constantly starring up. I always thought how dumb that statement was because why miss taking in the new surroundings. Now a days everyone just stares down to their phones, so what’s worse? This image was taken on a recent skate trip to Santa Cruz. I have been on several trips there but this was my first time stopping at the pier. Never know what you will see these days. (Peep the fake person in the yellow sky glider.) So do yourself a favor and look around once in awhile.

– Co.

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