Church St. & 18th Street.

SF 2022 / (C) 2022 Co. Fliks

Something special about linking up with the crew in SF. The energy, sights and sounds of that city is like no other. The amount of ground you can cover in an afternoon is pretty insane. I could low key write a book full of stories from living in that city, but that’s for another time. This day was a favorite because I got to show some of my LA friends the “wiggle” route to Dolores Park. Literally a zig-zag for blocks from the Panhandle to Church St. & 18th St.. A definite go to for any sunny afternoon in SF. Do yourself a favor if you’re ever in the city and make a pit stop at Dolo. Shout out to my SF family for always making trips to the city the best! Much love.

– Co.

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